Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wrangling for Eebee

Last week I went back into the studio to wrangle for a new eebee book. We had tons of cutie-pie babies. I loved the cuddly ones of course.

My favorite cuddly baby wouldn't take a single frame on set, but that's ok with me, I got tons of cuddles along the way....Hi baby Nala!

One of our tiniest baby models came all the way from Baltimore, and his grandma sent me a photo of us:

Check out some of the other books I wrangled for:

Here to There.


Make it Happen.

Since all of our babies were tried and true eebee fans, I used the new plush hand puppet quite a bit while wrangling. I was surprised at how well it worked!

I'm happy to report that my new wrangling belt made it's debut on this shoot, and it ROCKED.

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Rhonda said...

Love love love the new haircut!! It's been a while since I've visited your blog so I had some catching up to do...