Friday, May 01, 2009

Busking Debut

My daughter and her classmate wanted to earn a little extra money for their school play-a-thon coming up. We camped out in the park for about an hour, and practiced for the people.

A tourist named Jim, with a fancy camera took some shots of the kids. I had high expectations, and I'm a bit dissappointed. The frame is a bit blurry for all that fancyness...oh well.

When Lolly wasn't playing her violin and bow made of sticks, she was crawling through the large bushes and bringing me treasures, like a proper packrat: pigeon feather, lighter, mini phonebook. She was dirt from head to foot.

Grand total: $22- for their school's music program. And I got my first taste of busking...finally.


Linz said...

Looks like the weather is nice there.

HHRose said...

You know, in Chicago you can actually get fined for busking without a permit. I can't imagine the NYPD would be so harsh with the kids, but be careful. :o) And, BTW, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lolly. Can I borrow her?

Kage said...

HHRose, i did a little research on busking and what i read led me to believe it is considered freedom of speech. Not sure if that was in association with NY or not....will have to look into it. some guy in the park told me to watch out for Child Labor law officials.

I wonder if practicing your violin outside in the park is against the law?

Anyway, it was fun. The weather that day was hot, in fact Lolly kind of had an episode the next day..I think she had some heat stroke or dehydration...she was barfing up weird mucus and she has yet to get her appetite's lowsy weather again though....might be for my walk tomorrow! drat.

hdknowles said...

Hopefully the weather will be cool, but not rainy for your walk. Have a great time.