Friday, May 15, 2009


It's been an eventful day today:

Went to an open call today, and it was announced that the casting director would be typing. I was kind of excited because I had never experienced typing before. I looked around and tried to figure out how they might type. They collected our headshots/resumes and looked through them while glancing up at us live, and it was really awkward. After about 90 seconds of shuffling through H/R and looking at 20 girls, they announced the 5 girls they wanted to hear. I was typed-out.

So, I went home, after buying some pretzel sticks at the Annies in Times Square.

I got a call from my extra casting agents and they cast me as a hand-picked-by-the-director (don't they make it sound SO important?) featured Stewardess extra in an HBO pilot next week. Too bad I'll never see it since I don't have HBO, but because it is so specific and on location at the aiport, my hope is that it will be over 8 hours (which means: WORTH IT).

A highlight of my day was chocolate chip pancakes with raspberry syrup for lunch.

After Lolly's dance class we hit the playground. The girls spent half the time hiding in a little tunnel underneath the play structure, cuddling. I think they are worn out from a long week. After Phoebe's dance dress rehearsal (she was so cute during her little solo dance), I found out she is definitely booked to play in the orchestra for a new DVD series: Julliard Discoveries. So fun. Tonight I'm catching up on the TIVO: Fringe, Oprah, I Survived, Ugly Betty, and The Fashion Show. Ok, I'm not going to be able to get it ALL in, but maybe some...I might also have to pop some corn and sprinkle it with mini semi-sweet choc. chips. Yeah, it's been a bad food day.


Rachel H said...

I totally give myself those kinds of days (last week it was homemade caramel popcorn)! Sometimes a little too often...which means I better hit the gym again!!haha.

How neat for Phoebe! If that's a series then it will be a multiple engagement gig? You guys are like my heroes when it comes to being consistent on the violin. I wish I had your dedication!

Linz said...

Wish I could have joined you last night with popcorn and some Ugly Betty.

McKay said...

I'll totally record the HBO for you and send you a digital copy, assuming I haven't had to drop the channel by the time it airs. :-)

D said...

chocolate chips on popcorn? Did I read that right?

Kage said...

D, you've never done that? I saw the president of Nestle on some Food Network show YEARS ago, and he mentioned pouring your Nestle candies into your popcorn like: "who DOESN'T do that?" And I'm all...geez, why DON'T I do that?

At the movies, I purchase: a pop that is usually cherry coke with diet coke 75-25 ration mix...only if there isn't a long line...(otherwise I just get coke straight up), popcorn and kissables. I do not pour the kissables into the popcorn, but I do eat them together.

So, at home, occasionally I pour chocolate chips into my popcorn....that's super messy, so it's a good at-home treat.

D said...

Sounds great. I'll have to try it out. My imagination begins to run and I envision some sort of melted chocolate/peanut butter concoction.

So the Nestle President sold you on the practice, but you went to his competitor (Hershey) -- probably because Kisses/Kissables are so convenient. I wonder what kind of Nestle candies he had in mind?

Kage said...

I eat kissables for allergen reasons. They seem to be the safest (M & M's for eg. are processed with peanuts). I have some friends who won't eat any Mars candy because of animal testing.

I believe Nestle was referring to raisenets.