Thursday, May 07, 2009

Love Note

You know how nagging works? You just nag someone about something.

I nag my husband about the way he folds towels, or does NOT fold towels. He hangs them up and I always disapprove of how the towels look. Lately, he has turned on me and made the towels look intentionally extra un-foldee like...using humor to defuse "the nag".

Now, here's the prevent musty moldiness, we generally just loosely hang our towels on the rod so they can dry out throughout the day. Sometimes later in the day I refold them the way I like them, once they are dry. So, really my folding demands are during really specific times, like, the day I wash and dry them.

Like today. I went to fold the towels on the rod, and was reminded of the humorous towel-unfolding of late, that my husband has been doing. So, I left him a little love note:

The how-to:

Left towel:
Fold in half, horizontally, then fold both sides into the middle, in thirds, then fold it in half over the rod.

Right towel:
Twist, and drape, for an avant garde look, drape on side over the top of the shower curtain rod.

Love you honey.


LMT said...

hehe. you are funny. that is a great trick!

HHRose said...

We have this same struggle (read: fight) all the time. It has taken me FOUR YEARS to convince him that the "fancy towels" are just for show and are not to be used (a ridculous notion, I'm aware, but we have a zillion towel rods in our bathroom). Also, I like the hand towels folded in thirds, like you, but he refuses to cooperate. Which would be fine if we weren't trying to keep the house in showing condition....