Sunday, May 31, 2009

My May Loves

May is gone already? What the what?


"You're such a lucky girl, you get to build a house with ME!" (says to me while I just want to tweet and not build a house.)

Watching me put on deodorant:

HER: "Is that to put hair there?"
ME: "No, it's to prevent me from smelling when I sweat, but thanks for pointing out that I need to shave."

Later, in the bathroom, approaching the scale: "Mom, I want to measure my feet."

Calling a penis: "That swingy thing on Daddy's bum." (I think my blog is now rated PG-13). It was an accidental sighting, and I did clarify with proper terminology.

Phoebe got a call for a casting, we later found out she would have to be able to ride a bike to go, and she can NOT ride a bike. I broke the news to her and she was dissappointed. Lolly said: "It's ok. You will get a job someday Phoebe. I know you will."

When we ventured to New Jersey last week, we turned the corner to the PATH platform:
"Is this New Jersey?"
"I wonder what New Jersey will look like...."
"Will there be a gate?"

Watching your toe tap ever so slightly on your flip-flop to keep time during your violin lesson.

Wanting to know the entire plot of the reading, remembering the names of the characters a few days later, wanting to hear all of my solos.

After her ear and eye test at school, Informing me that she can hear really well and see really well. I told her she got her hearing from me, her response: "And I got my good seeing from Dad...because you have glasses." Um...have you seen a pic of us lately?

I think she just thinks I wear glasses, because I wear THESE glasses in the morning:

I had a dream I kissed Harry Potter.

Giving me a cheer:
"Give me a K"
"Give me a I" do you spell Kristy. K-R-I-S-T-Y
"Give me a K"
whispered: K, R
"Give me a R"
whispered: K, R, I
"Give me an I"
whispered: K, R, I, S
"Give me an S!"
whispered: K, R, I, S, T
"Give me a T!"
whispered: K, R, I, S, T, Y
"Give me a Y!"
"What's it spell? Kristy!"

Wow...that was a really involved effort dear.

The day before Mother's Day, Dad is making some sandwiches. You say: "Dad, you making grilled cheese?....oh....I just gave the clue." And then I knew I was getting a Panini Maker for Mother's Day.

You left me a note while I was on the phone: big, scrawly pencil letters: thanks!!! (underneath that): starcasum!! (and an arrow pointing to the word thanks) your mackine the day worse!! (followed by 5 exclamation points, an UNhappy face, 4 exclamation points and another UNhappy face), -Phoebe.

I think I made your day worse because I told you to do your homework and stop bossing your sister.

That morning when you said you needed some floss to get something out of your tooth, and it turned out to be your first loose tooth!

Taking the morning off on Mother's Day
Best Mother's Day ever by the way.
Pretending to love SUPER SANDWICH SUNDAY.
Always cleaning up after I cook.
Helping the girls clean up their room.
Trying to do the self checkout at Key Food
Driving me to my audition on Saturday.
Supporting me through all the work days.
Bringing me beautiful flowers that day after my long extra work.
Taking your pants to the tailors in shifts, every week.
You look good honey. You are so skinny! Cute and skinny.

I dropped the violin (safe in it's case) on the elevator, RIGHT in front of Phoebe's violin teacher. My response: That's why I have insurance (awkward smile)

Found the metrocard that Lolly hid in Dec. 2008 (I had a serious bad,bad,bad series of mommy moments that day)...only took me 6 months to find it.


HHRose said...

"Swingy thing?" "Starcasm?!" You can't write funny things like this when you know the recently (ish? how long can I use that?) pregnant lady with diminished bladder control will be reading it. I love your kids. And the insurance comment. Lololol...

Chloe said...

Loving the "starcasm" comment from Phoebe - only your 7 year old daughter would be leaving notes like that...

And the insurance comment - I can see it and it makes me giggle a lot :)

Kage said...

Oh my goodness, her teacher is so formal and serious and once he totally lectured Phoebz about the care of her instrument, only after HEARING about (not witnessing) an "incident" with the violin that did a job on the D string that mama couldn't fix.

I was ABSOLUTELY horrified in the elevator, but I am so old and experienced now the horrified feeling went quickly to hysteria! I'm SUCH a beautiful idiot.

kristie sessions said...

oh man, May has me laughing! such a full month...