Friday, May 22, 2009

Peanuts anyone?

It was a good EXTRA experience on Wednesday.

The bus ride was smooth and my scene happened at the beginning when I was fresh. The hardest part of the night was trying to NOT drink Coca-cola (guys, I quit it, cold-turkey), and not eat junk. At one point I did choose a small bag of doritos (something I RARELY eat) instead of a 590-calorie McFlurry that was tempting me, oh tempting me SO bad. I also chose a salad over a slice of pizza at sbarro on our dinner break.

Sitting around and getting tired is a bad-food trap. The other bonus was that we went overtime, so I actually made some money on this job...I always worry I won't make enough for it to be worth it, but I would say yesterday it was.

The scene was in the airport, families departing from "Air India" I think.

The director and writer, chilling before the last scene:

Here are a few of the actors, one is Nathan Corddry who I know from Studio 60.


McKay said...

You look great in your costume, glad it was a worthwhile evening!

i loved Nate Corddry on Studio 60, glad to see him launching in to something new.

Gedde Adventures said...

So proud of you for quitting coke. Ugh it is so hard isn't it? Way to go!

Rae said...

re:gedde adventures

Coke, the drink...right? ;)

LMT said...

Awesome photos.

Happy Weekend!

ps.I can't wait to see the movie.

Heather said...

stewardingness suits you! You look great.

Rachel H said...

Lookin' good! Brings back old memories for me...=)

Lisa said...

Back in the day, you had to be a real looker to be a flight attendant. Glad your director still had that vision.