Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Rainy Tuesday

My rainboots have a hole in them. What?

I don't even know when it happened. Now, my sock on my right foot gets wet in the rain. Did I mention it's like raining all the time here?

Today we had a really successful reading of Leaving Perfect. The composer wrote me a little note telling me that he was thinking of my voice while he wrote the music this past year, and that he wanted me to play the role. How sweet is that? He must have seen me sing at last year's readings. I was sort of hoping he had put a little pinkberry giftcard in the note, but his words were much better.

It was nice to be reminded today that I'm talented. Thanks everyone for your kind words.

However, my voice is a bit fried. I have tomorrow to recover and then back for 2 days to do a one-act at the same program. The past two weeks I have been working a bunch. My family has been so patient. The house has been maintained, but it's about at it's breaking point. Lolly is a bit sick, so hopefully I can clean tomorrow while she chills out. Gotta check to see if any new This American Life Podcasts have come through to my itunes, listening helps me get into my cleaning groove.

And that is all bloggers. That. is. all.


Heather said...

My rainboots are too big, so everytime I walk in them my calves are SUPER sore because I am gripping with my toes. You just can't win.

Linz said...

Sounds like very fun work.