Sunday, May 24, 2009

Saturday's Adventure: Improv Everywhere

Driving onto Roosevelt Island, we saw some fellow-improv everywhereers. Our mission: to participate in the MP3 Experiment 6. We downloaded a 47-minute track to our ipods, and started the track at 4 pm with 1500 other New Yorkers dressed in green, yellow, red or blue t shirts, with a white t shirt underneath.

We were only about 9 minutes early, we hung out here with our friend Helen:

Ready with our blue shirts over white shirts. I decided it was in our best interest to all wear the same color. I was so right:

Ipods attached, headphones in place:

The track began and we were introduced to STEVE, the omnicent Improv Everywhere Voice. After he led us through some breathing, stretching, pointing, shaking hands, square dancing and naptime, we ALL (yes ALL) walked to the southern tip of the island. I HOPED really hard that the kids could make it for that long walk...they did awesome! We spotted a dog with a red shirt:

See all of us walking, and walking and walking, while listening to a random re-telling of Peter and the Wolf story:

It was pretty fun to see innocent Roosevelt Islanders being invaded by primary-colored shirt wearers:

Once we got to the tip we did some dancing and napping and then we divided into teams and beat each other up with inflatable hammers or bats. We never got our hands on one, that was just fine with us:

At the end of the bashing the WOLF OF ROOSEVELT ISLAND emerged from the river and then we had to unite by removing our shirts and becoming one with our colors. We waved our shirts over our heads and killed the wolf (or something like all had to do with that really long story we listened to during our walk.):

It was fun. The girls were into it. Their ipod shuffles got inadvertantly paused a few times so I had to catch them up. But, when we were all listening to it together at the same time, they GOT it and it was fun. I am so glad they will do wacky stuff with me, I hope they never roll their eyes at me when it's time for an adventure. I hope by the time I am an empty nester Jason will come around and play......for now he gets us where we need to be on time, and he even came and found all of us crazy people, I am sure thinking he was outside the group, but guess what? He was wearing a green t shirt!


Coco said...


improv everywhere is on my list of things to do before i die.
im soo so soooo jealous

This is Carrie said...

How fun! We would have totally been right there with you if we didn't live thousands of miles away.

Kage said...

Coco, do they have any missions in Chicago? In July? Let's fin dout.

This is Carrie, I KNOW. I think that often....but I adventure on all of our behaves....behalfs? Must not be proper grammer.

Lisa said...

I think I would really enjoy something like this.

Linz said...

This is so totally random and crazy! I love it!

Juliana said...

Hello Kage,

You might see something familiar in this photo...Random happenstance that I found this, totally unintentional.

I promise I am not a creepy stocker.

Kage said...

Juliana, good eye, I have scoured some flickr albums to no avail. In that pic we were supposed to follow a stranger and do what they were doing. See, we are sitting next to strangers that were just sitting on a bench.

Catherine said...

what a fun adventure! you are a cool mom.....and I have a feeling your two girls will agree with me forever.......:)

Melissa said...

If your girls ever roll your eyes call me and I will come be your daughter for a day. I love this. And even better - it was on the coolest Island in the world! You are so cool.
PS - your pic of the random RI resident is perfect. Is that Dominican food? Looks delish.

LMT said...

I am so excited you guys did this, and with the girls and Helen of Troy!

I have wanted to do it, maybe next year. I love your end remarks about your green shirted husband. That is cool. It sounds like he's feeling it a little more every day.

This was a really fun post!