Thursday, May 14, 2009

Third Person Thursday

She likes to help. She likes community. She likes to be a part of something. She wants to give back.

All her life she has tried to make a contribution: Student Council, Casts, Choirs, Church, Fundraisers. She has had a bit of a block though, when it comes to getting involved at school. At Phoebe's pre-K she viewed it as a 1-year adventure, and she didn't care enough about the school to get involved, especially since she was only planning to be there 1 year.

Then Phoebz started kindergarten. She was totally overwhelmed with the commute, having 2 children, and the sudden onset of practicing the violin everyday. She was also still trying to work and all that. She did not volunteer to be the class parent. She did not attend any PTA meetings. All the meetings were at inconvenient times, and she would inevitably be toting Lolly along, and everyone knows that Lolly is her own sideshow.

She volunteered to have the "holiday" party at her home. She was completely dissappointed by the experience. Her view: HER PARTY, HER HOME. The class parents view: THEIR PARTY at HER HOME. Her house was the place, but apparently she was not allowed to be Hostess. She was completely horrified that there was a grab bag (among other things). She hates with a passion grab bags. And thus began the PTA experience.

When she bumped her head, she probably said NO to some "opportunities", but did manage to get the yearbook together for the class. Then came the fall, right before the lowest point of HB08. A fellow parent volunteered her to co-chair the planning of a DANCE that would occur in 6 weeks. She knows she could have said NO, but instead she said she would take a very backseat role and help out in any way she could.

The party went really well, despite the micro-managing of other PTA members, that yes, 6 months later, she is not quite OVER...though she has taken her own humorous approach to certain offenders. (Said offender, never personally thanked her for her work, and still ignores her completely whenever she sees her--which is often---so her response is to approach her with a big smile and big, bold HI!---she (Kage) thinks this is hilarious).

She digresses.

Recently there was some drama with her own class. She was asked to design an ad for a program that would represent the first graders. She put out some ideas that she had on the class thread to no responses. So she did the ad, and posted it and then of course a handful of well-meaning parents had "their say". She refused to change it, mostly because she had to enlist a photo-shop expert to help her in the first place, but also because she found it inconsiderate that demands/suggestions/advice were being given at the 11th hour. The ad is 2 x 3 inches. The point is that we all contributed to it's purchase, not that it meets the approval of every parent.

This morning she arrived at the school to a few parents (a few of which were guilty of above-mentioned 11th hour remarks), shouting at her: "Class Parent! Class Parent! Class Parent!" She looked at them and said: "You've GOT to be kidding me." Then met with questioning faces, to which she continued: "Did you see that last thread?" One of the guilty's: "I tried to stop that." Actually, no you didn't, you started it. She then under her breath said, "Maybe in a few years, but this year: ABSOLUTELY NOT!" and then got on the elevator. See ya.


kj said...

Those who shout the loudest need to take on the next project. Sounds like a lesson in Gratitude Attitude could benefit some involved. Keep smiling and don't take it personally.

Linz said...

See ya. is right!

I'm outta here! Chew on that!

Rachel H said...

Yeah- that sounds way annoying...

That's one tiny sidenote to all my frustrations with school. It's due to my personality I've realized. I am an all or nothing gal. So, I always "join" the PTA at the beginning of the year...but so far I could never get myself involved bacuse I can't go half way. I hate that I have not been involved though. I guess I won't be worrying about that anymore! yay!lol. (btw, I left a some interesting links for you on my blog)

annaka said...

You're awesome, sounds like certain people felt a lot bit guilty! All that matters is what you do for your daughter and her education. Good job!