Sunday, May 10, 2009

To Mommy

In my 30th-birthday album that my mom made me, under this picture she wrote:

"This photo demonstrates our relationship so well. Look at the joy on both of our faces! I am holding you as tightly as I can. We enjoy being together. We are having fun. We feel safe with each other. You are my friend. You have a shoe untied that I will fix later."

Mom, you have tied so many of my laces. All I can say, on this mother's day, is that I love you. and THANKS.

PS. Happy Birthday Sam. And thanks to my honey and the posse for making my Mother's Day special


Lisa said...

Ah, I love being your mom. Have a good day. You deserve it. Love you.

Amee said...

You look exactly like your mom! Happy mothers day!

Chloe said...

WOW, you really do look like your mom. Which is a nice thing - she is beautiful and so are you. Cool ladies :)