Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuh, Tuh, Tuh Tuesday

Since my sinuses have been bothering me, I have skipped the 5:30 workouts, until this morning, so naturally, I was ready for lunch at 10 AM.

And then second lunch at around 1 pm.

Luckily I was on set with Lolly, so just ate some of the catered pasta.

I refinanced my condo today. Closed. Hopefully that means I won't get my purse stolen tomorrow, like last time I closed on a condo. We overestimated our re-fi by a little chunk, so mama gets to go on a Target run this week. Pretty excited to stock up on cereal, granola bars and 10 oz. coca-cola.

Lolly has been a superstar the past two days, working hard for the money. She did a full day Monday and worked until 2 today. She has held up so well, even with a little sinus trouble herself.

Here she is getting her hair done.

Here she is on set, in costume.

Here she is when Bello the clown paid the kids a visit...not sure what that was about.

Her treat for doing well at work was to pick out a princess book at Barnes and Noble. I noticed the cast of Next to Normal was doing a signing at 4, so I stopped up to see if I could get a squeeze from Ms. Ripley and tell her congrats. I was lucky enough to see her before her soundcheck. I haven't seen that girl in years, it was so great to see her. I hope she wins the Tony!


Heather said...

Sounds like quite the day. What's Lolly's ad for? Or commercial? Or photograph? Or whatever she's doing. :)

Kage said...

Avon. Gotta get on the mailing list.

hdknowles said...

Lolly looks so comfortable getting her hair done. Can't wait to see the end results of the campaign. Congrats on the refi - just remember to lock the doors on your car and you'll be fine!

Lisa said...

Lolly is such a star!

Rachel H said...

Oh, she looks so cute and happy! those Christmas pics are going to be just darling! Fun!=)