Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I went to the ballet.

My friend Victoria had to work, so I scored her tix to the American Ballet Theatre at the Met. I was not dissappointed.

THANK YOU for my first ballet, and first time at the Met. I am amazed and astonished at the human body. Watching the beautiful (understatement) dancers, took some of the edge off. Yes, I have been a bit edgy lately.

Example, yesterday upon finishing my centering, namaste yoga, I spied Phoebe's music on the piano. Music she needed in exactly 45 minutes. Lolly and I jumped into our clothes and out the door so that we get them to her in time for her EVALUATION!

Followed by,

blood taken at the hospital.
lunch with Jason.
pick up Phoebz.
1st failed attempt at receiving passports.
missing item.
cuhrazy passport ladies who stare at me like I have just asked them to please extract all of my teeth by prying them out with their ball point pen and balancing on a unicycle at the same time.
home to get ready for ballet.

YES, my head is still spinning.

YES, I see that I do pack a lot into a day.

But, seriously? How am I going to stop being me?



HHRose said...

1st ballet??? What was it?

What are the passports for?

(Don't expect us not to be nosy... ;o) )

Kage said...

I saw American Ballet Theatre's Prokofiev Celebration

It was inspiring. Makes me feel ashamed I am sore this morning from my yoga yesterday.

Passports are just in case...

LMT said...

I am so glad you got to go. Doesn't it just make your dancing feet and heart burn?! After the Tony's I want to see Billy Eliot (among all the others.)