Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June Loves

My June Lovies:


I was singing the Beatles: "You say goodbye, and I say hello, hello hello!...."

I tried to teach it to you, I started:

"You say goodbye and:"

Lolly replied: "I say Hey WAIT FOR ME!"

Quotes from Lolly playing ponies in the next room:

"You don't have to panish about it. You don't have to panish about it." (in a tone of: you don't need to worry about it).

"Mommy needs to do her makeup..."


"Because you HAVE TO GO TO BED!"

"GO. TO. BED!"

She: I'm having so many rattles because I'm getting sleepy.
ME: What are rattles?
She demonstrates a yawn.

I'm a Sleeping-Beauty-Nutcracker-Fairy!

Searching for the word Cafeteria, only to come up with: Diarrhea! Well, some people consider them one in the same, like Prisoners and people with eating-disorders.

Reported to me by a friend who works in Primary at church: Lolly said to her teacher: "why are you bossing me, only my mom bosses me"

Phoebe was talking to Grammy about the prank, and I had a feeling they decided together to prank me, even though they already did back in February. I said to Phoebz: "Does Grammy know you are not a very good secret-keeper?" And Lolly pipes up: "I'm a good zookeeper!"

Being such an amazing leader for your dance class. All the kids were watching you. You were the leader last year, but MUCH more confident this year. And I'm sorry you inherited your moms figure (skinny, but oh-so-PEAR-shaped.)

Having our first set of (I hope) many BIRDS and BEES talks. Your little face. When I said, Now, we don't discuss this with other children because?

"It's Gross and Weird." (And because each child deserves a chance to discuss it on their own terms and in their own way with their parents when they have the same questions you had. Smile.) Already? She still believes in Santa and Tooth Fairies!

Me: "Hey, I like those leggings they're so cute."
Phoebe: "Thanks, there made from the Phillipines."

Running from the rain.

Being interested in the Prank of June 2009.

Cabana Boy! So cute in your new summer pants!
Caring about my random puking, in the middle of the night.
Taking the girls to Claire's for 45 minutes of picking out jewelry and new earrings.
Letting me be "on edge" and listening to my rants about people and stuff.
When talking about how brilliant Dave Matthews was, calling yourself average and my brain more like Dave Matthews then yours.
Cleaning out the vaccuum filter.
Taking us to the diner.
15 minutes massage. Good job.
Bishop Glass condoning the prank and even printing me out responses 1-27 for our lunch that Friday.

I was up a little late one night and I heard screaming outside my door, I opened it and heard my neighbor yelling at her husband: "You are a @#$*$ing @#$@#hole, wife-beating loser." I told Jason about it the next morning and said, "I thought to myself, she must be getting her period."

Pranking? I'm just plain awesome. And ya'll are too, never would have worked without your whimsy and dedication.


LMT said...

You are so good at this! How do you keep track of it all?

HHRose said...

Of course, never having had an official "Birds and Bees" talk with my parents (I was given a book that left out some pretty pertinent details), I'm dying to know what questions P came up with? But I'm sure you don't care to elaborate here. :o)

{Just re-read what I wrote and feel it necessary to tell your readers that I'm all filled in on the Bs and Bs, now. ;o) }

hdknowles said...

Those of us who participated in the Prank of June 2009 are so glad to be one of your Loves this month. What a way to end the month. Can't wait to see what July brings. And please give our thanks to the Bishop for his blessing on the prank.

Kage said...

LMT, I open a post on the first of the month, and add to it all month long.

123 123 said...
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