Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kindle Mania

Anna's about to die,

Alexy is going to forgive her, Vronsky is about to pull the...

Her: "OH!

You have the kindle! Is that the kindle?"

ME: .....pause. turn head slowly...."Hi."

Her: "I'm sorry I just, is that the kindle." (glee)

ME: "Yup."

Her: "Do you love it? My friend told me I should get one, because I travel all the time, and how is it?"

ME: "It's great when you don't have to talk about it."

Her: "Oh, I'm sorry, could I just ask you one more question?"

ME: "Just one more."

Her: "Do you buy the books on there or...."

ME: "Either on here or on"

Her: "Oh, thanks, sorry to bother you..."

ME: "It's ok, I just have kids so this is my reading time."

I didn't say goodbye. I need to find out if the bullet killed her, I mean him or not.


Coco said...

hahahaha ive totally done this!
and i dont have kids so it makes me a jerk but i was so tired of the question that follows these questions..."can i see it? it looks l like a real book" *as they turn 43 pages and i have to refind where I was in my reading

we should make a tshirt.
yes im reading the kindle
go ahead and take pictures

or something like that

Kage said...

Honestly, I have been a little gleeful when I have seen the second edition....

AND I have been very open to showing people, letting the touch it etc., but at this particular moment in my story, I was peeved. Plus she was right next to me and pretty much screamed in my ear: OH!