Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday...I'm busy

I am living out of my purse and a large bag.

I switch items between these two bags, and sometimes I am missing my anti-bacterial gel, or lip gloss or my pitch pipe.

But, there is a random Crostini floating around that never seems to get eaten or thrown out.

What ?

And I am carrying around a sweater and a raincoat and an umbrella (sometimes x 3) and I'm sweating and wondering where's the RAIN?

And then it rains like a WATERFALL and I have none of those things.

And I SWEAR I am like checking the HOUR BY HOUR page....and what's the use of even HAVING that if it's unreliable?

Or am I just reading it wrong?


LMT said...

It is a wonder how much we juggle around in our bag(s) on any given day, but on the rainy days... too much. Did you get rained on? Yikes. It was something of a down pour. I hope not!

kristie sessions said...

how is your back holding up with that big ol bag??

Linz said...

It's like you must be so glad to not be pushing around a stroller anymore and yet that little bag carrier on the bottom of the stroller is kind of nice.

Kage said...

seriously that stroller is good for so many things...but I have been without it for quite a while now....and luckily Lolly is SUCH a good walker. I schlepp her everywhere now.

The next step for me is 2 girls, carrying their OWN crap on their backs.

evie parks said...

Ugh, I feel ya on this one. the weather has been so completely crappy lately. it's driving me nuts.
my son (6 yo) carries his own stuff now, thank goodness. I realized, after doing it for him for quite awhile, that he was perfectly capable. i would try it with my 4 yo but that would be risky...she enjoys throwing things and has a tendency to lose stuff...