Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Not Stock Photo, Stolen Photo.

So I have been tweeting for a while. The jury is still out on whether or not this is worth anything.
I have become more connected with a few people that otherwise, I might not have, so that's good...but I still consider it a trial-run. My friend Carrie gave me tons of tips on how to be a good tweeter and her followers grow exponentially each day, so her advise is right on, but not sure if I am following it just right.

Anyway, I have gotten to know an Extraordinary Mom through her tweets, and I was led to her blog. If you have any experience finding me in a random article, brochure, sign, whatever, you will like this blog post.

Read about her Stolen Picture here.


Los Jones said...

hi, thanks for sharing your subway story with trains and tunnels! i loved it!

LMT said...

I couldn't be a tweeter. I would be too anxious and I'd always feel like I had to say something.

I would be mad/freaked out if this happened to me. Its horrible her pic was stolen for commercial use. SO crazy.

beth said...

I'm not feeling the twitter thing myself. I don't know... just one more way for people to track you down. But I also don't like constantly being connected to my phone - checking tweets, texts, whatever - when I'm with my kids. The computer itself is already too distracting for me. They were talking on The View yesterday about how someone's house was broken into and one thing that was suspect was that the person kept twittering (tweeting??) that they were out of town. I guess you always have to be careful about revealing too much. Online or otherwise. The same could happen with a blog.

teamZ said...

The story about the photo made the news that pops up on my email.

nymanzanita said...

This reminds me of a story I just saw on Yahoo (different situtation but it still reminded me of it). A family just found out that one of their friends saw their family Christmas picture on a HUGE billboard in Prague. They have NO idea how someone got their picture from their Christmas card and how it was used in another country for advertising. Crazy! Here is the link.

Kage said...

ny-zita, no, same story. I just beat yahoo, otherwise I would have linked to it in the post.