Friday, June 26, 2009


So, this prank just fell right into my lap....I wish I had come up with it, but it was just handed to me.

I commented on a blog that I ran across...and my comment was like, keeping it real for this sort of VENT post from a blogger I do not know.

That night, she posted again with this question:

"So, who is this Kage? Does anyone know?"

Well, I know who she is. And I know a lot of other people know who she is too.

So, the call went out, emails, tweets, facebooks, even myfamily. And a pretty good percentage of Team Kage responded.

It made for a really fun Friday, but the girl we pranked, not so happy.

7/1 Update: She has deleted ALL of this:
Want to check it out:

My original (apparently, offending) comment.

"Who is Kage?" Post with comments
(please feel free to add more!)

Blogger's Response, ooh she's mad.

Thanks to everyone who participated. I just wish it had all happened on April 1!

Love, The Chosen One. (She referred to me as The Chose One in one of the above deleted posts)

P.S. "A person reveals his character by nothing so clearly as the joke he resents."
~Georg C. Lichtenberg

7/1 P.P.S. She has now taken her blog private. She thinks we are all going to go back and start reading and harrassing her. It was just a one-day prank lady, go about your business, you don't need to take it private. Silly.


heather said...

I'm scared and thrilled all at the same time over this funny prank. It's like Space Mountain except without the vomiting.

evie parks said...

apparently, no one can add more comments because she restricted commenting as a result of your incredibly offensive joke.
at any rate, there are at least 39 people who thought it was funny- and i'm one of them!

Coco said...

i mean..we were just answering her question

nothing brightens my day like a good practical joke

Liz said...

I really am glad that you wrote your original comment, even though it was obviously unwanted.

I had fun with this. So many great comments!

beth said...

Woah - that is crazy. I guess she did open the door for it all.... asking, "who is this Kage anyway??". No one like you Kage ---- seriously. In a good way. :)

wendysue said...

I was sad I didn't get my comment in before she restricted her comments. Whatever. . .I'll put it here. .

Kage is IT, and you're not.

A-me said...

funny. the whole thing. especially the reaction....... lighten up. :) all is fair in the land of a PUBLIC blog... don't want people to read it but friends and family. Make it PRIVATE.


Natasha said...

I also tried to comment and it would not let me :-( Sad. I even pulled out my thesaurus to come up with some awesome words!!!

The O Family said...

funny, funny, funny.

Kage said...

Guys, she took both posts down. They have been completely obliterated! I guess alls fair in love and blog.

But, I saved every single one of the 39 comments. hee hee hee ...

NTG said...

hee hee hee
Guess I barely sneaked mine in. I'm surprised she hasn't commented on this blog.

Linz said...

That was me who made that last comment

D said...

Definitely funny. She probably would have found it more amusing if it hadn't come on the heels of a very bad week.

... and if there had been 39 witty comments about how cool SHE is.

I would leave her such a comment to cheer her up, but I don't know her, so I think it would come across badly. Instead, let me toast Kage one more time for her grand prank.

Here's to Kage -- The original Blogger Vigilante.

hdknowles said...

As a person who does know her, and was somewhat involved in sharing her info with Kage, I can tell you that before she took down the two posts, another friend and I commented that it was obviously a joke based on the comments that were made by the legions of Kage followers. I told her that in today's world of with all the sadness around, that everyone should lighten up and have a good laugh. Her response was that people shouldn't respond on blogs where they don't know the blogger. Thanks Kage, The Chosen One, for the entertainment value from yesterday. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

HHRose said...

All I have to say (a little late) is ME-OW.

Also, hilarious that my word verification is beduumr. Get it? "Be dumber!!!!!"