Thursday, June 04, 2009


Lolly and I can walk down the street by ourselves, we can walk up and down stairs without help, but we hold hands anyway.

We hold hands all the time. Ever since she quit school and I got a parenting pep talk from my friend Carrie, our relationship has shifted into a HAPPY PLACE.

Lately, she has been playing on the floor with all of her toys creating very intricate Ponylands, Princess Tea Party Picnics and sorts everything by color.

I love hearing the story lines. There are a lot of "You GO TO BED!" imitating life I guess.

So glad she can get lost in her play, because I am getting lost in the constant brain ripples. It reminds me of the days preceding HB08. Doctor appointment on Monday, had my med levels checked on Tuesday, hoping they are super low, which would explain why my medicine is not making a dent. New mantra: Health! Health! Solutions!


McKay said...

your photo is lovely and true

love you!

Jen said...

shoot...was hopeful you were taking a spinning class instead of experiencing the other kind of "spinning." Cute post about your relationship w. Lolly!

Ann said...

i'd love to know what was in the parenting pep talk. my girl is starting terrible 2s and some days she's lucky to be alive at the end of the day! glad you and lolly are working things out. good luck with your health-you're in my prayers

Lisa said...

I love you and Lolly!

Heather said...

I have noticed a little shift when you guys are together. Very sweet.

This is Carrie said...

I'm with Jen, I was hoping for another kind of spinning. Glad to hear about the turn in your relationship! I know it's taken work to get there.