Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer: Courthouse Adventure

On Monday the Posse ended up outside the Courthouse of N-Y-C.

It was a-bustle with press, and I knew something was going on. Turns out, Bernie was finally sentenced.

We saw most of the major networks, and some little ones too. There were lights, cameras, crew, steadicams, artists, and their renderings, lots of suits being interviewed. People sprawled everywhere. Here are a few shots from Columbus Park:

After all that excitement, there was so more, when we passed the Clerk's office and saw a happy couple, well they don't look too happy, but maybe they were taking a break from smiling:

Of course I loved her outfit.

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Rachel H said...

hahaha .. I love the expression on that wedded couples faces. Priceless. Totally "taking a break from smiling". We all gotta do that now and then, right?