Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer: Day 1

Do you know what I am doing right now?

I am 47 minutes into the newly-installed, mandatory 1 hour break from each other time out. [M1HBFEOTO for short].

It has gone by entirely too fast.

I did have a nice chat with a friend, uploaded some pictures, twitpicked, confirmed my second audition for tomorrow, and responded to the mess going on a few posts down from here.

It is the first official day of summer. I have planned adventures, outdoor activities, indoor activities, daily goals, rules, meals, and still I have had anxiety-inducing moments today.

Culprit: Lollykins. I think she is struggling with having to share her mommy with Sister.

This I did not anticipate, because they are usually excited about reuniting after a long school day. Unfortunately, Lolly cannot articulate this, but I think it is so.

Her 1 hour is being spent sleeping. Phoebe is doing who-knows-what in the family room, and I have retreated to my periwinkle-blue-walled bedroom. And yes, I am not wearing any many clothes, because it's hot and I try to be green when I can...this is one of those moments. The breeze is nice, noise, not so much.

And now I am on the 6 minute countdown to my whiner-head and chatterbox re-entering. 2 girls who I love so much, but might need a 1 hour respite from each and every day this summer....I better get dressed.


Alisa said...

It always takes about 2 weeks for the whole family to get used to being together again, and back to our "summer routine." I always forget. But it happens every summer!

HHRose said...

Funny, I'm having one of those, too. I CAN'T TAKE THE WHINING, I MEAN "FRUSTRATED NOISE," coming from my child for one more second. But it's been 30 minutes of happy crib-playing, so I will go rescue him before the whining starts again. ;o)

Laura said...

My kids have been a home a month. All four. Sometimes I think I need a 12 hr break from everyone and not at night. LOL!

I hope we adjust but with rain and the flu we haven't been able to go anywhere or do anything as of yet. That will make all things better I hope. Activities.

kristie sessions said...

how did the rest of the day turn out??