Sunday, June 14, 2009

Talent Show

Phoebe was in a talent show Friday night. She played Duffy in selected scenes from Annie. We tried to make her really orphan-like with dirt and bruises and messy hair. I think we did well.

We lit a cork on fire, let it cool and used the ash to make the dirt. I learned that little trick back in high school.

I had a bruise makeup kit from years ago in my make-up kit, so I pulled it out to make authentic looking bruises. I think it looked good.

The talent show was long. We got to bed 2 hours later then usual. Our girls were pooped.

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Rachel H said...

That is fun! My kids have only recently discovered Annie! What a great show. It's sometimes shocking to me to remember that you guys are taking the subway to get EVERYWHERE.. I mean.. it's just such a different life you all are living right now in the city!