Thursday, June 25, 2009

Third Person Thursday

She wrangled for a casting yesterday.

She wishes she had taken ibuprofen around 3. She is sore. She did not work out in the morning because she knew her job would be a workout, but did not anticipate THAT much of a workout.

She estimates she squatted 100, maybe 200 times yesterday.

She finds baby's behaviors and parent's behaviors and the energy of those little beings endlessly fascinating. In just a few minutes, one learns so much about what's going on in these little peoples' lives.

Stand-out moments from yesterday:

The wiggliest baby she has ever met.
A mom who whispered in her young baby's ear: If you don't smile, I'm going to beat you.
A mom demonstrating blowing in her baby's face to make her laugh and her breath smelling like smoke.
Banana Lemonade for Lunch.
The baby with a ring, bracelet, two earrings, necklace, and the other baby with two ankle on each.
The cuddlers. She loves it when they just settle in to her shoulder.

She's sure there are more to list, but she's still feeling fried from all the madness. She thinks she peed once all day and it took at least 45 minutes to eat her sandwich as she had a bight between babies. But her panini was good, from Swich. She actually took a shower when she got home, first time EVER that she has showered after wrangling...that's how hard she worked!

Her girls came by during the last hour, and the big news was that Phoebe ate a chocolate-covered fried cricket. She thought, hmmm...maybe she needs to be at home more.


kj said...

Your observations seem unreal. A way to learn what not to do as a parent right. Phoebe is way to young to be eating anything chocolate-covered-that-once- crawled. Hope she gets a tummy ache so she learns not to do such things.

kristie sessions said...

where did the chocolate covered cricket come from?? I can't stop grimacing.... eww!
I am SO disturbed by your daily wrangling observations. who are these mothers? Sheesh! So glad you day is done, you can clean up and love your little ones. a little bit of normalcy in that crazy wrangling life.
love you!

Jen said...

if you don't smile i'm going to beat you? i think i'm going to throw up! crazy world you work it all up and write a book, K!

heather said...

The best child modeling story was when I took Fi to a job and the other girl booked was a back-up and ended up not being shot. The mother had brought her husband, sister, grandparents in from Pennsylvania and were ENRAGED that the girl was not shot. Demanded to not leave until she was. Screamed at the Art Director. Grandfather shouted expletives. I high tailed it out of there so fast for fear of being caught in the elevator with them, they were actually MAD at fi and kept pointing to her and saying "WHY did you shoot her and not her?!" Gotta love the nut nuts

Krista said...

Unbelievable. So glad you got a shower. Sometimes it makes it all better.