Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday...I'm Tired

I am sitting here previewing Adventures in Babysitting.

Sometimes I stumble across movies from my youth and think: "ooh, I used to love that movie, I want to share." And then the movies end up having content that I did not remember. Eg. Home Alone....had a lot of ANGST at the beginning...we didn't love it for the girls. And I think I will need to fast forward through the FRAT party scene of this one.

I love Penelope Ann Miller...hilarious. Now that I have lived through several of my own city adventures, I love watching this. Ok, Vincent D'Onofrio, playing Mr. Dawson/Thor! Awesome. He's so young.

Today I had 2 auditions, and got 2 holds and I have a callback tomorrow. Not gonna lie, this makes me happy, and it's my natural high...when I do well at work.

I am a bit concerned for the apparent ARRIVAL of the swine flu at Phoebe's school. So we are going to do a bit more ditching. Better safe then sorry.


Coco said...

i love youuu thank you for your help today

evie parks said...

good move with the ditching--i would do the same thing!

Laura said...

Swine flu is showing up all over the place near me. Church and neighborhood. Ick.

Good for you with your jobs!

Anonymous said...

We've been doing the same thing here. My oldest recently asked me what movies I liked to watch when I was a kid. We were also surprised when we rented Home Alone this past Christmas.

Tonight we watched Newsies. She loved it. She really enjoys the musicals.

Have fun ditching!

D said...

Classic film -- haven't seen that one in decades. One of the best parts is the guy at the bus station who keeps pulling his jacket open to show her the gun. The look on his face is awesome.