Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday...I'm Flexible

This morning I tried a new thing.

No girls, I will not carry jump ropes, bubbles, Kit's pet dog Grace, your toy phone, sunglasses, waterbottles or snacks in my purse. You will carry what you want in your own bag. And you will carry that bag. Not me.

I thought this was a good day to try it because I had a callback this morning and my friend Linda agreed to watch the girls in the park for an hour while I was there.

At the callback, I got a call for 2 more last-minute auditions, which meant I was not going home.

We had lunch. I had this turkey artichoke sandwich on multi-grain bread, the the sauce was like too sweet, I ate it but didn't love it. Just FYI.

I told the girls we could take the train to the next place or walk 20 blocks. They chose walk (with their bags).

And guess what. THEY DID IT.

We played I-Spy for part of it, and then had our usual discussion on cigarettes, smoking and why we hate it, and we stayed on the sunny-side of the street to avoid the June hypothermia.

Then they had to use the bathroom. We were close to an audition studio so we went there, even though my auditions were at 2, totally different places. Hey, it pays to know where bathrooms are! After that we picked up some going-away gifts. The prices were outrageously low (one good thing about the economy), so I ended up getting a heavy load. I HEART Fishs Eddy...and the girls do too! We are going to do serious damage in the years to come.

We hit the first audition and jumped on the subway to get to the second audition. Both were quick and snappy. Their reward for all the good behavior was McDonalds, which they scarfed. And I even passed on ice cream (and the cupcake truck an hour before that)...I'm doing good with my new "diet". Yeah, haven't lost an ounce in 3 weeks. Pretty sure my thighs haven't shrunk (my real desire in this) at all either.

After McD's we headed home. 5ish hours later than I expected. I had only 30 minutes to warm up before my recording session tonight. I had fun singing in the studio, for a demo of a reading I did back in April.

And when that was over, I had Red Mango for dinner. Hey, I'm FLEX.


evie parks said...

man, major jealousy i'm thinking, despite her throwing tendencies, that i will give the 4 yr old another chance with carrying her crap. hmm.
i dream of the day when doing the city with four kids will be quick and snappy. judging from our latest outing, it's a long way off...

Gedde Adventures said...

sounds awesome, Kage... Will probably save your back a bit to have the girls schelp all their own goodies :) How is the NO COKE part of your diet going? Have a wonderful day!

Kage said...

evie, did I read something on your blog that inspired me to make the girls carry their own? So, thanks.

Gedde, can you believe I have not had a coke since I decided to go off? It was been hard at Chipotle, Subway and McDonalds. At Chipotle I did get a Grapefruit Izze and Subway I got water and McDonalds I got a small orange juice. At the movies it was hard.

I was considering allowing myself 1 a month....but I don't might make me go right back to drinking it regularly. I also think I will find it REALLY sweet....