Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Wrangling for Trident

I wrangled this job several months ago for Trident.

We had 6 kids rotate through wearing shades of blue and purple. It was an exhausting day, but these kids were a riot!

One little boy was discussing the age of his Dad with me. I asked: well, how old do you think your dad is?

He speculated around 19.

An hour or so passed and I had been working with some other kids, he came up to me and said: He's 45.

So funny.

The little girl in the ad, she had brought a baby doll with her to set. When I saw it I said: "Oh my, thank you so much for finding my baby!" I teased her the whole time about how I was the mom and she was just the babysitter etc. She was so fun.

When Lolly was working a few weeks ago, I showed up to the set and there she was! I told her I was Lolly's mommy and by the way, how is my baby doing. That little girl put her hands on her hips, stared at Lolly and said: Why didn't you tell me she was your mom?

So funny.

I gave my card to someone the other day and she said: baby wrangler,

So funny.

I think some people think it's a joke. But wrangling is so not a joke.


LMT said...

haha. Oh no, it is no joke. You are a master wrangler. It's true. These are hilarious stories. I love the hands on hip part. SO cute! I love seeing your work.

Rachel H said...

those kids are adorable! I can't imagine what wrangling is like..I don't think I'd be any good at it!hah! My daughter's brownie's leader told me one day that over snack she said to the other girls, "I dunno, I think my dad is like 72 or something...he's old."

And on the other hand...when I was young (I was the oldest and my mom had me at like 21..) i always used to tell my mom she was "too OLD" for things...and she was always thinking..."Cmon, I'm only 28!"

kristie sessions said...

these kids DO look hilarious. and although wrangling is not a joke, that had me laughing ; )

Rane said...

funny. kids really do make life much more entertaining. :) AND you're the PERFECT person to be wrangling!