Wednesday, July 01, 2009

7 Year Itch

7 years ago, this week we moved to New York.

Our baby was 4 months old. Our truck was not ready that day. I had to get my "New York" on even before I got here. My brother, then just 14 years old flew out to help us with the move.

The past 7 years have been so enormously full of ups and downs and adventures and love. I love living here. I love the sights, sounds, people, experiences and blessings I/we have experienced here.

When I have a bad New York Day it is so, so bad. When I have a good New York Day, it is so, so good.

I have seen families and couples come and go and grumble about the city life. I have seen marriages break apart because they are not on the same page about where they are living and what they are doing. I have heard family members ask when we are moving "home." Not everybody gets it. Not everybody understands the choice we have made to live, work, and raise our family here.

I have no doubt that we are to be here, at this time, raising our family, and being a part of this vibrant community.

I have to admit something though. This spring I have felt a little itch. I have found myself thinking about the possible job transfer of last summer, and what it would be like if we had relocated. It's not a longing, just a wondering. I just feel that itch...

When it comes down to it, honestly, I feel it is because of a few things:

1. This rain.

2. The slowness of my businesss (though it has picked up the past few weeks).

3. The longest last month of school. ever.

4. The economy.

And that's it. All of the above have nothing to do with living in the city...they've just made me a bit itchy. Maybe, I just need a vacation.

Thanks New York for everything. My gift of appreciation to you: This Blog.


jlk said...

I have to say, I admire your choice to live in NYC with your family. Your girls are growing up to be fearless and independent. City life suits you. When you guys came to our wedding just a month after you moved, you were already way NYC chic.

heather said...

For a moment I got scared that you were announcing that you were moving out - I think a weekend cabin upstate sounds like a good remedy for your itch. I think this rain has made everyone a bit gloomy.

Abbe said...

Life is wonderful, isn't it? What a privilege we have to get to "pick" where we want to live and decide what we want to do with our lives.

Maribeth said...

i HATE the rain! I mean, I like a good thunderstorm but rain for over a MONTH??? What is the DEAL? (capitalized for emphasis). I think I could stay here for a long time, it's just the convincing the spouse thing...he gets a little...stir crazy I guess you could say.

oh p.s. what about ?? might be fun

hdknowles said...

In the recesses of my brain, I seem to remember driving you to the U-Haul place in College Park to pick up the truck and how amazed I was that you could drive it over to your apartment and parallel park it near your student housing. That was a fast 7 years. And by the way, the rain is in the DC area this year as much as it is in NYC - DH is cutting the lawn at least twice a week. We are waiting another thunderstorm as I write this. Glad you live in a place where people want to come and visit.

beth said...

No where are you affected by the weather as much as living in NYC. Ugh. It can be frustrating. From someone who definitely had the itch, and then left, I can attest that even though NYC has it's challenges - so does ANYWHERE, USA. I agree with heather - maybe you need a vacation spot. Somewhere upstate or in New England... that would be nice.

Kage said...

jlk, that's funny, I still don't feel NYC Chic.

heather, I am scaring you a lot online lately! Not going anywhere...

Abbe, YES!

MB-plan it. THERE.

hd-I learned how to drive a truck in Maryland with my first acting job!

beth-working on that. saving pennies. literally.