Friday, July 17, 2009

Artist Date


During a search for CLOCHE, I came across this fabulous hat shop. I love these hats because of the unconventional shapes and versatility.

I fell in love with the aqua fedorable, and I couldn't stop thinking about it for so long that I had to have one. I realized that the hat-maker is near my hood, so I tried to set up a time when I could try on some of the hats, but that didn't work out. It was okay because I was still just set on this 1 hat, I knew I would end up with it in the end anyway.

I saved my pennies and arranged for a pick-up, to save on shipping, and waited a week for the hat's completion.

Wednesday, Lolly and I stopped by to pick up the hat and Terry graciously opened her home and studio for us to take a look around. Her husband engaged Lolly in a game of marbles, in which she finagled 3 marbles out of his possession, into hers, and I got a chance to see the studio.

The door on the outside has 4 letters painted in pink: hats. Inside are large rolls of fabric, stacks of ribbons, a large sewing table, bulletin board with patterns and I am sure much more, but I didn't take a photo and I wasn't there long enough to soak in every detail. I loved the space. Someday, maybe, I can have an artist space of my own...though I do love my "nook" as a friend recently called it.

If you would like your own Terry Graziano hat, you can shop on etsy. This month she is giving 20% off a hat a week, and you can find these updates on her twitter page or her blog. She is a really open, nice person, and does impeccable work, all stitched by her hands. Next on my list: Fine and Dandy. That green bow! Stop it.


wendysue said...

Mraz would be proud of that fabulous hat.

I think NYC IS your artistic nook.

LMT said...

I know her blog and I am always liking what I see. Darling color and style.

Chloe said...

I like the hat - it suits you!

Rhonda said...

You are too cute in your fedora - and that Fine and Dandy is in danger of becoming mine!