Thursday, July 02, 2009

Chinatown: Sights

We saw a lot of sights in Chinatown!

First stop, the Mahayana Buddhist Temple. It was cold, smelled of incense and was clean and nice. The Buddha is the biggest in the city.

We saw a few people come to pray and worship. Phoebe really wanted a fortune, so we made the dollar donation and read a somewhat cryptic message that I think meant great prosperity for Phoebz.

A photoshoot in the middle of chinatown? Models looked pro, but the guy taking their photos was using a point-and-shoot, weird.

I had about 4 dollars in my checking account and 4 dollars in my wallet on this day, so I am glad that we found fans 2 for a dollar just as we were leaving.

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LMT said...

I am sure they love their fans. I really have enjoyed this Chinatown adventure of yours. Thanks.