Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I have not given my dog a psuedonym. Her name is really and truly Chloe.

When my brother left 2 years ago for his mission, he made my mom promise him that Chloe would stay alive. She is nearing 13 or 14 years. We have figured out her age before, but then we always forget, and time passes and we try to figure it out again. In the end, we just say: she's old.

She is doing really well though. She still has quite youthful moments, and she is still good at leaping, jumping, bounding etc. She is almost completely bald, but has been since she was a young dog, she has some thyroid thing or something that is not life-threatening, but just makes her the first bald dachshund I've ever met.

I decided it was time for a portrait.

Man, I scared this dog. Once I got her to sit, she just shook and most of the time, refused to look at me.

I think she thinks I am going to let her off the hook, but she's wrong...we are going to try the portrait again in the next few days. And next time, I will rake the dead leaves on the set first.

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Ashley said...

She is so cute!