Tuesday, July 14, 2009


For some reason, I find the grass in my mini-condo-backyard endlessly fascinating.

Before, it was pocked with brown/yellow spots from our neighbor dogs doing their business on it. Finally our management got on it and the dogs doody = big fine.

Our super then made it his goal to regrow the grass. He smothered each spot with grass seeds and it worked! But, I think the grass seeds he used are different from the existing grass. See, how the lawn seems spotted with lighter green patches?

And the new grass is not only light in color, but it also grows about double-speed to the existing grass. Our lawn is only even for a few hours the day it is mowed, and then those ilght green patches just get taller and taller:

It's been probably 6 weeks and it still pleases me to no end. Don't be surprised if I do a more involved photoshoot involving the crazy grass before the summer is over.


Anonymous said...
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LMT said...

I know what you're talking about. That happened to us once at home. I love grass though so, I am happy for all lengths and colors. Great last picture.

kristie sessions said...

i love that bright green color. makes you feel alive and happy!