Friday, July 24, 2009


I polled the people coming down the escalator:




What row?

I was impressed at how many people remembered their seat.



When I heard: "28E, he's coming, he's right behind me."
I started sobbing.

And then he was there.

My girls stared at him for the next 4 hours.


Abbe said...

Pure Joy!

Andrea said...

I have been reading your blog long enough to remember when your brother first found out where he would be going. And I just want to tell you that I am crying so much after reading this post! I am so excited for your entire family!

Ann said...

i just read your mom's posts and now yours and i cannot stop crying! (lucy keeps looking at me and asking if i'm sick.) i'm so excited for you guys!! and don't tell my family, but i only wish i could be loved as much as you guys love each other and enjoy my siblings as much as you guys enjoy each other!! ENJOY!!!