Friday, July 31, 2009

July Loves

When are the fireflies gonna start?
Reacting to each individual firework explosion, with delight.
Loving the new names we gave each other at the park while playing catch: Iacocco, Lucinda, Lucille and Blanket (my tribute to MJ).
Knocking on the bathroom door where Phoebe was, and with your lowest voice saying: "THIS IS DAD!"
Visiting Dad at work in the cafeteria (her fave place to lunch), Dad's coworker said: Lolly, when do you turn 5? She said: After 4.
Eating a strawberry and saying it tasted funny, and upon further reflection, saying: "It tastes like.....a toenail."
Your reaction to me singing you our lullaby...sweetie.
Riding your little bike at Grammy and Papas.
Convincing Papa that a cupcake was a good idea for breakfast.

Talking my ear off every. single. day. I love it.
Running in the grass of summer.
Questions in the morning, right when you wake up!
It's 5 days before your trip and I miss you already.
Your blue lips at swimming lessons.
Being so brave as you walked to the airplane with the jetblue guy.
Doing all the CA stuff: mudrace, beach, pioneer day, riding a pony, sewing, riding a bike.
Reported "I miss mommy" tears on last night of CA solo vaca.
Being really grown-up and trying hard for the family picture.
Your trail of scabs down your left leg from being crazy on the razor scooter.
Running down the hill and up again and down again.

Frustrated Handy Man.
Getting the painting done.
Planning a perfect 4th of July.
Taking days off to parent the girls when I couldn't
Getting the girls treats when you had a few days off with them.
Taking the time off so that I could work without worrying about sitters.
Singing hymns in the car when the earphones weren't working. Telling the girls you used to sing hymns on dates when your car only had AM radio.
Jason wondering why no "I miss Daddy" tears from Phoebz.
Being excited about the family picture.
Emailing me checkbook entries while I was still on vacation.

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