Thursday, July 30, 2009


I got pretty excited about our family photoshoot this past spring/summer.

I spent loads of time thinking about outfits, accessories, composition, set-ups, color schemes, dos and don'ts. Sometimes I had a hard time going to sleep at night, because I was thinking about it so much.

I had to drag a few of us along to get AS excited as me, or at least just a little more excited than they seemed to be.

The family portrait almost didn't happen because of a few health scares, but literally 10 hours before the originally scheduled time, we were back on. The stars aligned, rashes dissappeared and the ironing board was humming as every item pf clothing got a once-over.

The setting was the beautiful Cantigny Park in Wheaton, IL. We ran into a few other folks with photographic aspirations that morning, only we started at 8, so we had most of the park to ourselves for our session.

After 2 hours of photos, most of our clan was satisfied with the experience. Maybe even more then satisfied, I would say they ENJOYED it.

I have not seen a single frame from the day, but often I judge a picture by how I felt when it was taken, and so I know these are going to be amazing.

Here's some behind-the-scenes from the point n shoot:

Our set-ups included grandbabies, individual families, the original 6 (4 kids, 2 parents), sisters, siblings, and of course a jumping pose! I was holding Lolly for the jumps, so not sure I got too much height, but I am sure my bro and sis made up for it. I think I spotted Jason practicing some cheerleader splayed kicks in preparation for that set-up, so my hopes are high, even if my jumps weren't.


Corinne said...

Fantastic! I love Cantigny! I remember my grandpa taking us there when we were kids to let us climb all over the tanks :) My husband is a huge fan of the First Division Museum there and I'm not going to lie, it was interesting to me too.

I'm so glad your day was a success!!!

heather said...

GORGEOUS! Can you organize my next family photo shoot? I"ll buy your next 20 years of Carnation Instant Breakfasts? xo

wendysue said...

Fantastic! I can't wait to see the "official" ones.

p.s. I love your family's jump shots. That's on the list for all our family shots from here on out.

holly said...

so was the photographer immune, too???

Kage said...

holly, the photographer did not take the test, but no one else exhibited any signs of 5ths. Her mom is a nurse at a doctor and discussed it with an attending and he advised her to not touch any of the kids, and so she was fine. Didn't even act nervous or anything. So....we don't know if she was indeed immune or not.

Kage said...

heather, gladly, if you trust me, and before you promise, I will let you know that carnation i-b is not cheap...! I buy mine in bulk on amazon. I know....

Rhonda said...

Love your shirt - where's it from?! And great pictures... it reminds me that I need a family photo taken too!

Rachel H said...

Oooh! It looks like it's going to be gorgeous! I love your makeup and outfit and HIS suit!! My DH has one just like it! SOO summery and cute. You guys seriously looked great! I just love when it works so nicely like that!

Ours last fall was so NOT that peaceful! It was cold and windy (when I wanted it to be cool and sunny...)and my son was giving us the pouty attitude through the whole thing was kind of torture! It made me realize that photoshoots alone are so much easier than with kids and a group.