Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Summer Adventure: Chinatown Eats

The NY CityWalk Card told us we would see exotic fruits and smell a variety of aromas. That we did.

The girls chose lychee out of the unrecognizable fruits on the cart: Mixed reviews, but I was proud of them for trying.

Of course there was tons of seafood. We got right in there and looked at everything. These flattened/dried octopus were a little freaky. When Phoebe and I were looking at them, a large plastic bag blew out from under where they were sitting, and we both jumped and screamed in fright.

A few of the crabs claws were still moving:

Legumes and produce:

I pointed out the purple squash to Phoebe, and she disagreed and insisted it was an eggplant. I think she was right. doh.

A highlight was our Quickly Cream Cakes that we had. 8 for $2-. They tasted like Christmas. We scarfed them even though they were super hot.

I think seeing these roasted birds with necks and heads still attached, helped Lolly make the connection between meat on her plate and the animal it came from. She expressed that she did not want the animals to be burned. She is SO going to be a vegetarian.

Look at them standing in the same way as they observe the "burned birds."


Natasha said...

I have got to get me one of those NYC Walk Card thingies (is it a book? Is it like playing cards in a little box? I couldn't tell from the Amazon page)

Looks like you had a fun time finding all the gems that indeed are Chinatown!!!

Kage said...

It's a deck of cards. 52 Walking adventures for kids. I picked out about 10ish and have them in a pile on my desk to check out this summer.

Ty and Whit said...

I just discovered lychee last night!! How funny. It looked like some sort of sea urchin but my friend insisted and i loved it! so sweet and delish.

What fun things you do with your girls!

Loved the ode to NYC post.

Rachel H said...

That looks really fun. I love Chinatown. That octopus looks iiiicckky! Yuck. Is it just me or was all that stuff really cheaply priced?

Kage said...

Rachel H, are there numbers listed not in chinese? I paid NO attention to prices...

LMT said...

K, you are such a fun mom. I can't wait to hear about this from the girls.