Monday, July 06, 2009

Summer Adventure: Madison Square Park

Madison Square Park is located near 4 very popular casting spots. We used to stop by there a lot for Concerts in the Park.

This year we enjoyed a new installation of art called Flooded Chambers Maid.

The girls played on it for quite awhile until they realized that it was surrounded by an ocean of beautiful grass, at which time they ran around until their cheeks were pink. I just laid on the art and read, yes, 3 full chapters of my latest read on the kindle. After a few hours (no, I don't read THAT slow), we headed home, and I felt absolutely refreshed. We will definitely be going back this summer.


kristie sessions said...

that looks lovely! Hows the book?

Kage said...

The book is good, but might be a bit racy for some...haven't given up yet.