Wednesday, July 29, 2009


After my 2.5 hour massage today, we headed to Pelican Harbor Aquatic Park in Bolingbrook, IL. It's a good deal.

We did the waterslides, the lazy river, the swimming, and my favorite part was reading HP7 on my lounge chair. I am not one to lay-out, so I was a bit paranoid, I layered on the sunscreen probably a little too often.

Here's Dad and me:

How cute is baby sister's swimsuit? And no, she is not standing on an apple box.

I've been lamenting my thighs since Niagara Falls, but after about a month of changing up my cardio, I did notice a slight difference. Suh-light, the ice cream sandwich did NOT help: was quintessential SUMMER:

Tonight, Sam is treating us to the Tastes of the Dominican. I can smell it from here, and it's gonna be good!


Anonymous said...

2.5 hr massage?! soooo lucky!

Beth said...

That's what I was gonna say.

Alisa said...

What- the ice cream sandwhich? You did eat it right? I can't believe that it would show anywhere on you!!

2.5 massage- it would be either be very wonderful, or very difficult.
Sounds like yours was wonderful.

HHRose said...

1. I almost died (well, not really, but also not in a good way) when I had a massage that lasted 2 hours. OUCH.

2. I think I have the same swimsuit as C! Target Boutique?