Thursday, July 02, 2009

Third Person Thursday

They surveyed the scene: Lots of old people. Lots of crowds.

They found a chess table with two empty benches. They decided to sit down and rest after their hour-long walk through Chinatown. It was time to eat lunch.

After about 10 minutes one of the elderly women sat next to her on the right, and two across from her, on either side of her daughter. Her daughter immediately looked uncomfortable about this sudden encroachment, so she scooted over to make room, and they all-three sat side-by side on the remaining portion of the bench that was still THEIRS.

Shortly thereafter, a fourth woman came and occupied the seat that her daughter had just given up. The four ladies sat chatting loudly in Chinese. They had absolutely no idea what they were saying, but after a few minutes, it became clear that this was a battle for territory. She couldn't help but smile, giggle a little and of course take a photo of the gang.

She then took a pic of her girls because their faces were the exact same and priceless. She encouraged them to take it in, listen to the other gang's speech and try to learn some new sounds, because on the way to Chinatown, they all three spoke their own version of Chinese for about 10 minutes straight, and they could use some new sounds to mix in with SHEE and CHA that repeated a lot.

After a few more minutes, THEIR gang won out, and her posse headed to the playground. As they retreated, she turned around and saw their gang quickly spreading out over the rest of the bench, and summoning more gang members for a secret meeting.

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kj said...

Secret meeting members know how to get their way. "First Come First Served" is a lesson they need to employ