Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tune Up

I got my med bracelet last year.

I really liked it, but it started tarnishing. I knew it wasn't real gold, but I thought it was some other metal that would stay gold looking...uh....nope.

Also, the cool red med charm fell off, and though I saved it on my dresser for weeks, of course it got lost.

So, last week I headed to the gold district and I randomly picked a jeweler. I had certain rules (mostly to do with ratio of men to women employees) about which one to walk into as I was walking by storefront after storefront. I expected I would need to visit more then one, but Esmeralda came through for me with one-stop shopping.

I had never seen such a delicate little med charm, and I fell in love with, even though it does not have room for inscription of further medical info, I thought it would do for now. I also got a pure gold bracelet that was a bit smaller then the original, and more feminine, and within the hour I had a new, snazzy bracelet!

And now the bracelet that was beginning to BUG in a major way, is delighting me again.

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