Monday, August 31, 2009

3rd Gone

So, for #3....not so happy times.

She had complained a few times about her tooth hurting and I looked at it and didn't see anything odd. Then, in the middle of the night on Thursday she woke us up:

Daddy, my tooth hurts.

I mumbled something about tylenol and then I took a look at it in the morning. It looked. BAD. It wasn't her tooth, it was her gums. They had exploded. I called my Dad (Dentist Extraordinaire)...woke him up, and he suggested getting her to the dentist ASAP.

I called them at 8 AM and they were also insistent on coming in immediately.


My husband is out of town today and I have a callback at 11, which I cannot change. After explaining my situation and why I could not bring my daughter in RIGHT THEN, they finally joined Team Posse and permitted me to come in as soon as I could, which was around 2.

The doc took a look and took an xray. Man, a 7-year-old who has only lost 2 teeth, her xray was radder then my MRI. All. Those. Teeth. Anyway, he recommended we jet on over to a kid dentist for a second opinion, but after he spoke to her, she made the decision right there on the phone.

I took Phoebz into the waiting room and asked her if she wanted the truth or a made up story. She requested TRUTH. I told her she would get her tooth pulled. Tears followed. We called Papa and he explained that it doesn't hurt so much, but it does make a loud noise and that's just the tooth saying Goodbye. We also discussed the tooth fairy and how she probably knows the difference between a scary tooth extraction and just a dumb old baby tooth being wiggled out.

And off she went. I went in to try to add some comfort, but seconds late the dentist insisted I leave. So Lolly and I tried to clean up the crayons that had somehow gotten strewn all over the office, and then I heard the blood curdling screams that brought me right back to that time in the pediatrician's office with me holding my week-old baby's heel up against a paper, while a nurse squeezed out drops of blood to fill the 5 largest circles on a paper I have ever seen in my life, all in the name of PKU.

So I stood outside the door and listened to everything. I listened to the doctor calmly say: "It's just cotton. Calm down. Relax." I heard her coughs that threaten she's going to puke (a la taking any liquid medicine), and braced myself for the puke to cover the office. Thankfully, that did not happen.

Finally we were reunited and 20 minutes later she still wasn't quite over it. She was just plain Mad. I told her she was brave and through wails she screamed: NO I WASN'T!

The tooth. Well, it was disgusting, so of course I am sharing it here. The tooth fairy took that nasty tooth and left her 10 bucks.

Here she is a few days later, in much better spirits. And I think she's kind of excited about the metal spacer she will get put in this week. It's pre-braces. And she is excited about braces. What?

I have experienced some mother's guilt through this experience, but at the same time, I am glad she survived. She has a lot of dental work to come. I'm pretty sure she has to have an entire piece of bone removed in her upper jaw, so I have to start saving for when the tooth fairy carries off that giant dental bone in about 10 years.


HHRose said...

Poor Phoebz. I can relate. I had two teeth pulled, a jaw expander for 6 mos (worst thing EVER), followed by braces for three years. Whatever happens, MAKE SURE SHE WEARS HER RETAINERS.

teamZ said...

The tooth fairy left $10. That is a nice tooth fair.

I am sad and guilty as a read your friend's comment. E has an expander right now. Is it really the worst thing ever?! What am I putting my daughter through?

Kage said...

Don't feel guilty do you know anyone who enjoyed their orthodontics? I was a headgear girl myself

Chloe said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Poor Phoebz. That is the worst, strangest looking root of a tooth I've ever seen - of course she was in terrible pain. I too had to survive many teeth extractions and surgeries and 7 years (yes, that's right, SEVEN) of braces...but it all worked out. It will for her too. Glad that she is now feeling better :)

Jen said...

Poor girl! I think she was brave for not running out of the office! I PRAY my boys won't have major teeth issues...they have so many sensory issues as it stands... they would never survive a tooth extraction.

kristie sessions said...

Way to hang in there Pheobz! You can scream and still be considered brave... just wait until childbirth ; )
ok... don't share that part with her. Glad it got handled and SO glad the tooth fairy knows the difference in teeth. Tooth fairy, you done good.

DTA said...

Good job Pheobz!

Corinne said...

I am so glad you took a picture of that thing. That's stinking amazing.

kristi said...

Wow, was that a baby tooth or a permanent one? Did they tell you why that happened? I agree with everyone that the tooth fairy was totally awesome and gave her the perfect amount.

Kage said...

kristi, her tooth got an infection. It started with a cavity and then got worse,all the way up to the root. I don't know why there was a big hole in it, whether that was there before or if it caved in when it was extracted. My dad says all the flesh on the roots is part of the infection. Baby tooth. Yummy. I think it happened because of poor dental hygiene.