Monday, August 31, 2009

August Loves

Holding my hand so tight in the waves, not letting go.
When you went under, saying: "No worries." (I think you picked that phrase up from Aunt and Uncle)
Thinking the Ferry was a Fairy
I served the girls a can of beefaroni the day before payday, from our 72-hour kit, it's best-by date long past, and Lolly explained: "Mom, I've been DYING for this". That's all it takes then? huh.
Phoebe telling a story: "Once upon a time.....and they had a little girl, named Phoebe, and they were so happy, until her mom had a little devil come out of her belly...." Lolly smiles and waves, indicating, she is the devil, and proud of it.
During her evening prayers, praying for the cake she was going to have for breakfast in the morning
Pouring over the Hallloween Catalogs.

Being all: "I got this!" when in the dangerous waves, you wanted NO HELP.
Calling them Twicks instead of Ticks.
Walking in Times Square and getting itchy to see a Broadway show.
As we waded through a sample sale, "Mom, you don't have the budget for that"
As we split apart a cookie: "Mom, you've had enough sugar today."
As I talked myself into buying the free people ruffle jacket I want with my hospital rebate check: "Mom! Stop! what about Bye Bye Birdie Tickets budget?" (never bought the jacket)
Hey mom, on the plane I watched a show called 16 & Pregnant. (speechless)

Being so concerned about the cable not working.
Crying at the article in ESPN magazine
Helping me by taking the kids when I went to the voice doc.
A wonderful anniversary dinner.
Trying to understand why my eye twitches.

Calling Neptune Diner: "Do you have banana cream pie?"
Neptune Diner Guy: "Yes. And I had it Yesterday too."
And that helps me to know that how? Oh, I guess I am getting day-old pie, which is actually making it more appealing....
Ending up getting banana cream pie at Bel Aire Diner for the mere fact that it was closer...I passed it on the WAY to neptune.
Trying to embrace my eye twitch.

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