Saturday, August 22, 2009

Birthday. Tomorrow.

Dear Dad,

Happy Birthday!

I don't even know how old you are, let me, you can't be 58? Are you really 58?

I just wanted to say, thanks for teaching me about forgiveness. From the moment I met you, and called you "RAT FACE" you have been forgiving me ever since.

Thanks for caring about my personal struggles and talking me through my stuff to help me get from point A to point B. Our most recent trip has really opened up some spaces for me and now I am getting better at forgiveness, just like you.

You are an amazing grandpa to my girls. They love Papa so much. Thanks for playing "Fetch the goggles" with Lolly for two hours in the public pool this past summer, and making sure everyone had a bike. I hope you have a great birthday!

Love, ME.


DTA said...


We have had so many adventures in so many places doing so many things with so many people.

Now the adventures include your wonderful husband and two lovely daughters and everyone else!

I am so grateful for you and all you are. I learn so much from you!

I am so very proud of you and pleased with what you do.

Thank you for the significance you always bring to the family.

I look forward to adventures ahead and forever!

All my love,


heather said...

You guys are going to make me cry!