Sunday, August 09, 2009

Corn and Soft Serve

We went on a drive through the Hudson Valley this past weekend.

After a while driving down main street after main street, I decided all I wanted was some fresh-picked corn and soft-serve ice cream. Twist. Duh!?

And just around the next corner I got both at Dressel's. A dozen ears for $4.45. What? Shucked it on the grassy patch in our backyard before boiling it up that night. Softserve? Twist. Check. And they had a kid cone, which was perfect for my new calorie-counter husband (and the rest of us). When was the last time the four of us got ice cream for less than 7 bucks? Sheesh.

We ate lunch at Joey's. I had a great breakfast panini and Lolly devoured her banana maple crepes. She has been EATING lately...must be growing. As we ate, a local singer performed Clapton hits for us with voice, guitar and was random and a nice little piece of America (I know Clapton's not American, but the town, the singer, the food, you get it).

Phoebe wanted to know what all the red, white and blue flags were about. We explained that it was our nation's flag and displaying it was these citizen's way of expressing patriotism...pretty sure she had her headphones back on before we finished our speech.

And then suddenly the day was over. We devoured the corn and then tucked the kids in, and stayed up too late watching one of those HD movies on TNT.


frankarcabascio said...

Mohonk Mountain House,,, is the name of the place in New Paultz .. Frank

Rachel H said...

Have you ever microwaved fresh corn? Quickest easiest ever! No need to pre-shuck..just pop it in au natural and then cook each ear for 2-3 minutes each and it will be perfectly done and ready to eat! No boiling necessary!

And I seriously have craved soft serve ALL SUMMER LONG. I don't know why but I could have it every day!

Elizabeth said...

That's too funny. My parents have always gone there to pick apples in the fall - coming down from the Catskills. My father has been friends with Mr. Dressel for YEARS. Thanks for bringing back some fun memories of my childhood. : )

Lisa said...

Perfect summer day!

D said...

In the Philipines they have corn IN their ice cream. Talk about killing two birds with one stone...