Monday, August 03, 2009


Today the posse headed to a casting and then to Fire Island.

We missed the Fair Harbor Ferry by about 2 minutes, despite my best efforts at dodging traffic (thank you new GPS with Satellite updates!).

When the parking attendant told me I would not make the ferry, I almost cried. The next ferry was in 2 HOURS.

However, I figured out how to take an alternate ferry and then a water taxi, and Phoebe was super pleased with this as she has wanted to take a water taxi for some time now. Lolly was confused because, all this time she was picturing a FAIRY.

Once all the logisitics were worked out, we had a lovely afternoon into the evening at Fair Harbor, Fire Island.

A Day in Photos:
Here on the windy ferry:

Water-taxi Magic:

Lolly's friend is less than 4 months younger than her, and I want to look as good as her grandma there, taking the photo, when I am 31, let alone, 60!:

One of the Atlantic Ocean's many treasures:

My new toenail polish from Urban:

The waves were ROUGH today, red flags out as warning. Lolly got pummeled over and over and wanted to go back for more. She held my hand tight the whole time. I fell once and cut my knee Phoebz was so brave after her Ocean Lessons in the Pacific.

Typical bungalow along the rows of beach houses:

Bubbles, Phoebe was pretty great at it:

This one morphed as it rose in the sky:

The boardwalk from your house to the bay or the beach, pretty whimsical:

Only vehicle I saw on the island:

The sunset as we waited for the ferry back to our car:


Beth said...

Wow - that looks so nice.

Linz said...

What an amazing day.

Chloe said...

Cute swimsuits on the girlz