Wednesday, August 05, 2009


On our trip, we visited an icon of my childhood, the Museum of Science and Industry.

I will never forget as a child, walking through an enormous heart, walking along the glass cases full of real human embryos, fetuses, placentas, even twins. It was fascinating watching them grow week after week, and I was always thinking about the mother who donated her dead baby to science. I can still recall the heartache that I carried even while I was fascinated by the little parts.

Another favorite stop was the baby chicks. The eggs incubator, the hatching eggs, and the fluffy, jumpy chickies. Our trip this time included the chicks--so social those little birds, and an extra: The Harry Potter Exhibition.

The Harry Potter Exhibit was really cool, so many costumes, set-pieces, and props. There was an opening video montage that included lots of Voldemort footage that I wasn't quite ready for my kiddos to see, but oh well, now maybe it won't be so scary when we finally allow them to view past #3. Another stop was a docent/actor who sorted a few children in our audience with the sorting hat. When she asked for volunteers, Lolly skipped the raising hand and waiting part, and just walked up on stage. The girl asked what house she thought she was part of and she replied: Slytherin.

Turns out the hat sorted her to be a Slytherin. Well, in a way, that's not so surprising is it...little devil!

Our last stop captured my children's attention quite a bit, here's Lolly with some Cow Big Giants:

And tractors are always a good time no?

I liked this sign and bench combo:

It was a great time. So glad we stopped by, even the though the baby exhibit is no longer, and I am still wearing a dark bruise on my knee from when I fell up the stairs, but now it has a friend, a bloody scrape from the ocean floor...apparently I'm clumsy. Ouch.


MKC said...

What a cool museum! I would've loved the see the HP props! That is too funny that Lolly thought she should be in Slytherin. Thanks for sharing!

Corinne said...

The fetuses in jars are gone? I remember being fascinated with those too. Of course the heart, but I also LOVED that room on food, right when you would walk in, where you could imput everything you wanted to eat from those rotating shelves. And that fairy castle. Good memories :)