Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One Short Day

It was easy to wake up this morning.

Partly because I had no time for the gym, certainly had nothing to do with the dance audition I committed to. No, it was easy because it was a day of possibilities, a day for me.

I showered and dressed in my one dance outfit, and said a prayer.

I met up with my friend on the corner of 8th and 34th at 9 and she took my children from me. My children couldn't have been happier. Heck, I couldn't be happier.

I got to the call, my first EVER dance chorus call, and was shocked to hear my name called 3rd. A different friend signed me up and usually when we sign each other up, we are on page 2, because we're moms and we don't get up super early to be the #1 signed up. The first two people were not there, so my card had a big fat #1 on it. Normally, I welcome being first, but not when I have no idea what I am doing.

35 of us shuffled into the dance studio and learned the Thanksgiving dance (1:23 for a short glimpse) from South Pacific, from the choreographer himself. I was fine with the first 16 counts, but then as it got Tappier and Tappier, I felt like I did at Charlie Trotters last year for my anniversary and saw ALL THAT SHELLFISH and almost bailed. A little voice inside me, that has experienced some serious resistance training this past year, hollering over all the other debilitating voices, infused me with bravery.

My favorite moment of the audition was when the choreographer reminded us experienced dancers to ignore that "checklist in our heads checking off, toe pointed, shoulders back" yadda yadda, and to "just be real....pretend we were nurses on an island with like 2 years of experience." HA! No problem here. I even went so far as to pretend I had NO experience...that made my audition even better. SMILE.

Whenever I have found myself in a group dance audition situation I am the one in the back, going over it and over it while everyone else auditions. Today, I was in the FIRST group of 3, so after it was over, instead of reviewing it 15 more times, I texted...

I left smiling, seriously guys, I am SO 50 now. I didn't even emotionally eat right after, but did stop by H and M for socks and underwear for my chillies.

On my way home, I got an egg and cheese bagel for lunch and skipped the EVERYTHING part because I had a date with hubby tonight. When I got home I realized I needed a cold Cream Soda (my new occasional cupcake and coke substitute), and a chat with yet another friend.

Faced with an entire afternoon to myself, I turned on the Top Chef Masters episodes I needed to catch up on, and cleaned my entire condo, followed by a trip to the post office that was the shortest I have EVER experienced (figures, no kids), tweeted/blogged for a bit, talked to my sister and continued Julie & Julia. On my way to pick up the girls I stopped in Bloomies for some zit stuff and then devoured a cupcake that the girls had made.


I am refreshed.

Thank you friend.

ps. bonus points if you can find the Wicked references.


kj said...

You had a great day. A day to be free to be you. What a beautiful friend you have (I watched her wedding video, so fun)

MB said...

I only found two.......

"One short day" in the Emerald Cityyyy


"I couldn't be happier"

Ann said...

you 'sound' good just in the way you wrote that post. glad you got a break from the kiddos right when you needed it. hope the audition brings good things!!

LMT said...

So glad you had such a good day!

HHRose said...

Are you sure that voice didn't infuse you with "braverism?" ;o)