Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Seriously, so good.

All this time we were going to CPK, and Patsy's was just sitting there across the street.

We scarfed this, the bread and our salads. Mmmmmmm....perfect for date night.

Patsy's Pizzeria. Check it out. So fresh. So delicious. Tasty!


Abbe said...

Just read Corinne's blog about her visit - how fun! (And the pizza looks delicious, BTW)

MB said...

that is our favorite pizza place. It is so so good

Leah Z said...

Patsy's is WAY better than CPK. Grimaldi's is still my favorite, though the ridiculous line makes it less and less inviting. John's pizzeria on Spring Street is good as well, and it's conveniently close to rice to riches when you're ready for dessert.