Sunday, August 23, 2009


Eebee has a new mommy.

She's speaks spanish and dances a lot better than his old mommy, and she has a curly-cue ponytail:

Visine-A has a new all-graphics, with voice-over spot. Not me. Not my itchy, allergy super-blue eye.

Nuvaring still has those swimmers, but now they have girls talking about them.

Is Huggies still running in Israel?

Somebody throw me a bone here!


Abbe said...

Though it may seem otherwise, YOU are irreplaceable! Now - on to bigger and better things...right?!

Lacey said...
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Lacey said...

I just had my yearly and I picked up a pamphlet for Nuvaring with your picture on it.

Lisa said...

There is a director in Naperville, IL interested in you to play most amazing daughter! Love you!

heather said...

you can't compete with that swirl on the ponytail, kage. thats up there with nelly olsen perfection.

Teti Family said...

Oh NO! Eebee's Adventures wont be the same for Miss Gianna without you! Everyday we watch this show On- Demand. Oh darn, the new girl wont do :(
Well good luck with your new adventures dear!! You rocked Eebee :)