Monday, September 07, 2009


If I had remembered that Jason was on his way to a Boys Weekend on Friday, I would have been down-trodden by Wednesday.

Thankfully it snuck right up on me and I made it through the weekend with the girls! (It helped to have a half-day break doing a Wedding photoshoot at Coney Island and then an evening out with WL to see 500 Days of Summer (Can I be Zooey Deschanel, just for a day?...I'd settle for the wardrobe she wore in the film.)

I told Jason he HAD HAD HAD To take some pictures. I sent him with my little point-n-shoot and told him to ask his brother if he couldn't figure out how to work it.

They did a pretty good job documenting the events!

Arriving in Texas DWF:

Their Dad arrived via his OWN plane:

The morning before the big game, they visited the JFK Assassination sight, here's Jason's brother and Dad:

Jason was so excited to see the new Cowboys Stadium:

He had great seats!:

And because he was there, BYU won! My iphone and I texted with him through the last few minutes. We make a great team.

Jason came home hoarse and handsome of course...Go Cougz!


jlk said...

How awesome to be there! That was one great game.

Janet said...

Glad Jason came home safe and sound. His dad hasn't arrived yet. He got stuck in Cortez, CO with bad weather and had to stay the night. I'm glad, because he was pretty worn out, with only 3-4 hours of sleep before taking off in his little plane.....waiting for him to arrive now.

It was a great adventure for him in all - BOYZ, GAME, PLANE!

Lisa said...

We thought about him the whole time we watched the game. We were so glad he was there!

Corinne said...

I had a solo weekend too! Clint had a boys weekend up at West Point :)

wendysue said...

What a fun weekend for those 3! Glad they were able to get together, glad you were able to survive your weekend!

Ann said...

i didn't realize your hubby was such a cougars fan! wish i would have known beforehand that he was there, too and i would have given him a hug to take home to you! our seats were pretty close to his, i think. glad you ALL survived!