Monday, September 21, 2009

Camping: Post 1

We arrived to the camp site around 4:30. We were there for several hours before anyone else arrived.

As the temperatures dropped and the foil dinner was STILL CRUNCHY after the 3rd or 4th check of it, I decided perhaps our church congregation thought it would be funny to organize a WARD CAMPING TRIP in which no one showed up but us.

Another family showed up in time for a few camp songs before we retired. 3/4 of the Posse were in slumberland when the rest of the troops showed up after dark to set up their poor tents and find the bathrooms.

And to sum up the sleeping-in-the-tent part: It was cold. I dreamt about Jay Leno (he was leaving his theatre, and somehow I snuck in and saw a very secret rehearsal of a varietyish show that had to do with his new show on tv---so get your mind out of the weirdo gutter). It was cold. Lolly woke up like 4 times with funny whimpering "I'm cold" sounds, that Jason handled every time. I think I was in a coma the whole time from the cold. I don't think I actually got solid, good REM or whatever the good sleep kind of sleep is, just coma-cold sleep.

In the morning, I heard that 2 Filipino sisters in our group brought a noise-machine so that they could fall asleep. I found that endlessly funny.

Lolly's favorite part was the caretaker's dog Peanut, who she renamed Coconut, who spent quite a bit of time with her. They were best friends.

Phoebe's favorite part was everything.

My favorite part was finding 2 different kinds of frogs by accident, using the very nice bathrooms (only twice in 20 hours, I think I needed to drink more water), only getting two tiny bug bites, and the food (stay tuned for post 2).


Heather said...

I think it was a success! And, 2 frogs, a dog, and bugs...gotta love the great outdoors. :)

Janet said...

Good for you. It will grow on you, just like the whatshamacallits on that tree.

D said...

Growing up, the running gag in our family was that we had only set tents up in the dark. We joked that we probably wouldn't know how to do it when it was still light out. We would have definitely been in the group milling around in the dark at your camp.

As for tin-foil dinners, I have found I usually eat about 1/6 of the original food content, with the remainder being converted to charcoal.

Angie said...

Ooh, looks like fun! I'm sad to have missed the ward trip!

Using a noise maker to get to sleep is very funny. Was is the Susan and Eleanor?

kristie sessions said...

You did it!! I am very proud my friend. you can't be a camper unless you are cold and hungry. so looks like you did it right.

Junkyard Dog said...

What a great experience, living in the out-of-doors "wilderness." You're to be commended for your efforts. What a fun experience for the girls.