Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Camping: Post 2

Last year when we went camping, I under-packed food. We were hungry.

This year I decided to try a foil-dinner. I threw together some veggies in foil. I did look it up on google for a few tips, but it was crunchy after a really long time near/in/on-top-of the fire. We were so hungry, we tried to endure the crunchy veggies. Phoebe bit into a hard-as-rocks potato and exclaimed: "MOM! I KNEW you cooked this too long!"

No honey, that would be, not long ENOUGH.

Jason fixed it somehow, and despite the salt that I forgot to douse on the veggies back at home, it was pretty tasty. Or bellies were full and warm:

In the morning I made hot cocoa! I was so impressed with myself! And then I made chocolate-chip pancakes! After that wonderfully warm breakfast in the wilderness, I had a breakthrough thought: Now I know what it is like to be a HAPPY CAMPER!

Guys, I was ACTUALLY....HAPPY ....while CAMPING!

Since the crew with the smores were so late in arriving the night before, we had smores for breakfast too, and for mid-morning snack, AND for lunch. Tasty, delicious and nutritious.

Of course what made out camping trip all WORTH IT, was the joy that it brought our little ones. They had the best time.


Laura said...

So glad to hear you had a good camping experience! I've always loved camping, and I think it's the way to go when it comes to family vacations.

D said...

In my opinion, camping is all about eating. You spend hours hovering around a campfire or a stove cooking each meal, filling the time in between with heaps of granola, smores and other smashed treats. Without electricity, food becomes your primary diversion.

Therefore, to be short of food is catastrophic.

Junkyard Dog said...

Have to agree with "D". Next time, try precooking the veggies a little. They will cook faster in the foil. Glad the girls had a wonderful time. Sounds like the pancakes were wonderful. Love the Ward campouts.

Catherine said...

yay for you Kristy! I would be a disaster at camping! So glad you got to enjoy it, it looks like the girls loved it!


Corinne said...

At girl's camp, we actually put canned vegetables in there - canned carrots and round potatoes with chicken tenders, sprinkled with season-all or something and once the tenders were cooked, the veggies were warm and I'm telling you, it was awesome.

BUT. I can tell you had fantastic times anyway, so there you go :)

Rachel H said...

Good for you guys having all that out-doorsy fun! Our version of that is having my Hubby drive south of us 3 hours to his brother's house and they camp out in thier back yard (they have a very woodsy big one), have bonfires, then they also get to swim in their pool when they get up the next morning!
Y'know what's the best part?
I get to stay home while they are gone!! haha!

kristie sessions said...

SO glad you finally had fun and so sad I wasn't there to witness it!

SamyoD said...

Kage Dogg,

I'm impressed! Wish I could have been there. We should do a big family camping night (trip would be too much) sometime. hah